Photo credit: Adam Johnson from  ARJ Photography

Photo credit: Adam Johnson from ARJ Photography

Having grown up in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong, it wasn’t until I moved to the UK aged 17 that I got a real taste of nature. Now living in the suburbs of London with my husband, I’m a still life stylist and photographer mesmerised by natural light, how it moves, and the hues it paints in the skies. I draw inspiration from flowers, food, travels, and all simple beauty in between.

To me, photography is a capture of the past, a glimpse into the future, and a gateway to boundless imagination. It is my creative sanctuary, where I feel at home, where I lose myself.

My style is elegant, ethereal and graceful. I adore muted palettes, organic textures, and romantic details.

I believe in authenticity. I believe in perfect imperfections. I believe in the power and magic of beautiful imagery. Above all, I believe in spreading kindness, helping others and giving back, which is why a portion of my profits goes to charitable causes.

Photography has changed my life. I hope my photography will change yours.